Monthly Archives: December 2017

How to interact with a Git repository using graphical tools

Updated 2018-01-05. For many people starting out with Git, having a proper overview of what is actually going on during the interaction with the software sometimes proves difficult. Fortunately there are graphical tools available to make this easier. Unfortunately these tools often seem to be overlooked. To help remedy this, I decided to write the […]

How to create a table of contents in WordPress without using plugins

Last updated 13-08-2019. For my cryptocurrency mining guide I wanted to create a table of contents. There are plenty of WordPress plugins available for this, but if you want to use plugins with WordPress as a blog host, you have to pay extra. Not particularly pleased with this, I set out to build my own […]

Advanced Ethereum Wallet Usage

This article will expand on the information about the Go Ethereum wallet found in my article about cryptocurrency mining. I will provide some suggestions you can try if you have problems with your wallet and we’ll take a look at advanced ways to use the wallet. Contents 1. Troubleshooting 2. Finding Geth 3. Command Line […]