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Using JSON for communication between GWT and Django

Here is the final entry in my blog series about merging GWT and Django. It gives an example of how you can use JSON and JSNI for the communication between your GWT client and Django server. The example is from a Django/GWT social network webpage I constructed called StartMeUp. It uses a GET request in […]

How to deploy a Django page on the Apache HTTP Server on Windows

Note that you may need to make further configurations in addition to the ones below in order to make your server safe from hacking. The guide below only covers how to set up the server to get the basics going, and I only used it for testing. One specific example of issues to keep in […]

Installing MySQL, Python and Django on Windows

Here is the first part of my new and updated guide about merging GWT and Django. Enjoy! Note 1: If Eclipse gives you the message ”GWT SDK not installed” and the GWT project can’t be built, then right click on the GWT project’s folder in the Eclipse Package Explorer and choose ”Properties”->”Java Build Path”. Enter the […]

How to use GWT with Django

Updated 03-04-2013. Below is a description of how you make your GWT client code interact with the Django server code. It was tested using GWT 2.4 and Django 1.4.0. The short version Set up your Django project according to the instructions in the Django tutorial here: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.4/intro/tutorial01/. Compile the GWT project. The project’s war folder […]